The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

The description of this book intrigued me and stated, “the question of human identity and shows how the development of consciousness can enable us all to dwell in the present moment and achieve happiness and self-realization.”

God created each of us to be entirely unique, that’s what I believe. Here’s what the author had to say about that,

Who am I? This is a very deep question. Ask it ceaselessly. Ask it constantly. You are the answer. Be the answer and everything will change.

This was so very valuable for me to read and listen to and something I deeply believe. We are in control of how we react to every situation always. Inviting, attracting, and embracing the emotions that we want to experience gives us greater power to feel those things all the time. I loved the way that the author expressed this to us.

If you keep your heart open you get love, freedom, excitement, and energy, you learn to stay open no matter what and you have the capacity for unlimited energy. If you always stay up and feel those things all the time, it doesn’t make a difference what the experience is.

It’s up to us to handle us. It’s up to everyone else to handle themselves. Some people simply do not have the same views on things that we do and if we continue to make it our job to ensure they are as we need them to be, we will be constantly drained and exhausted.

Do not give your mind the job of making sure that everyone and everything will be as you need them to be and then you can achieve a healthy state of being.

I love this. Everything is temporary. This life is temporary also. In light of eternity, this life is just a moment. The author shared,

Pain is not a problem, just a thing in the universe. Someone can say something to you, but then it passes. Feelings are just things that touch you and they pass unless you touch them.

A house. The imagery here is superb. We create a house based on what we believe and how we react to what we have experienced in life. What is the foundation of your house? Why? How can you change that if you don’t like it?

The following mental structure blocks you from any natural view. Your house that can keep you locked inside is made of your thoughts and emotions. All your past experiences All your concepts, views, beliefs, hopes, and dreams — you hold them in place.

This was one of the big takeaways for me. I’m a fairly free-flowing person but I’m very consistent within myself. I know who I am and I know how I live life. With that in mind, I sometimes thought things were different than they actually are and feel challenged, just as the author states below.

Because something is not the way you thought it was… it challenges your house of thoughts.

I don’t aim to be comfortable, it just is not really that important to me. Again, in light of eternity, short term comfort on earth is not really something that I strive towards attaining. I also know and accept that I cannot be comfortable when reaching higher and striving towards greater success. To grow, to achieve more, and to do more, I must become comfortable being uncomfortable.

You are constantly trying to stay within your comfort zone but struggle to keep people, places, and things within a manner that supports your model. Your mind becomes active and tells you how to get back within your comfort zone. The zone is FINITE.

In closing thoughts, the following was the last thing that I highlighted. I think that there is no better way to say this. God continues. Period.

Nature gives and gives. The sun continues to shine. Whether you believe or not, God continues.

Photo by Iva Rajović on Unsplash

I did enjoy this book and learned from it though I felt a lot was a reiteration of things that I already knew and believed. I believe that I am in control of my actions, reactions, and emotions and the book did a great job of explaining that for its readers. This is probably a book that I would like to come back to and read again in a couple of years, to see how the message within affects me differently than it did while I was 21 years old.

I gave this book a 3/5

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