It’s All in Your Head by Russ Dimeon

Russ is one of my favorite artists, period. But in the Hip Hop genre, he’s top 5. He’s a rapper with an entrepreneurial spirit, a hustler’s mindset, and a confident energy that is within and exudes from all that he does and produces. Not only was this book highly anticipated in circles that were geared towards Russ, but the book was sold-out in the pre-orders. So of course, I listened to the audiobook read by Russ. It was spectacular, cut-throat, and blunt — with authentic Russ aura.

Facts facts and facts again. Even though I would not call myself successful, this is a mindset and belief that I hold close to heart. I know that there are different things that I need to do to become successful. Maintain confidence is one of them. In one of his songs he says, “Poke the universe enough it turns around and grants your wishes.” I’d say that God does, but same principle.

“I’m successful because I’m confident I’m not confident because I’m successful.” — Russ
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My goals encompass the 3 parts that Brian Tracy teaches: 1. Present 2. Personal 3. Positive

I like the way that Russ explained goals too. As he stated, the future NEVER comes — it will always remain… the future! Action wins.

Russ believes all goals should be present tense as if you’ve already achieved them because if they’re future tense then that’s where they’ll remain. If you put a goal into the future, you’re already putting it off. The future never comes, you are already putting it off. It will always remain the future and you’ll always remain chasing it. You must believe it so deeply as if you’ve already accomplished your goals.

Someone else who shares this philosophy is Gary Vaynerchuk — and I know that Russ loves him and his mindset/ideologies also. It’s all about passion. We are created by God for a special purpose, each and every one of us. Not everyone has the resilience to create their own music for years and years and years like Russ did, that’s why he did it and you didn’t.

What fills you up with the most enthusiasm when you think about it? This is what Russ said to do to determine pasión, no matter if it’s realistic it you think it’s unrealistic. There are no limitations or boundaries.

ALWAYS. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. It’s always us against us. Matthew Mcconaughey shared at a speech during an awards show once that the person he looked up to was himself in 10 years. 10 years later it was the same answer and 10 years later? The same answer again. It’s always you vs you and me vs me, don’t get it twisted.

When the journey becomes you vs the world, you lose.

The journey is ALWAYS you vs you.

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Russ began each chapter with a short snippet of one of his songs. I loved that. He proclaims in a number of his songs, “Produced, mixed, mastered, by me.” Yes. He worked hard to earn what he has now, he doesn’t “deserve” anything and he doesn’t act out of an entitled mindset that shows that he believes he is more worthy of something than anyone else. What he does do is puts his cards on the table, face up — he knows he’s going to win. And I like that — but more than that, I respect that.

I gave this book a 4/5

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