Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King

I’ve been following Vex King on Twitter for a good length of time. I have also been following his account Law of Attraction. After seeing the book a handful of times on both accounts, I thought it would be a good investment to get some more of his content and gain a better understanding of his perspective. While we have very different ideological and driving beliefs, we also agree on many things, especially with the values that we hold and what we believe a good life is all about. Positivity, love, kindness, and authenticity — the model of Jesus — that’s the good life.

This initial part of the book was extremely interesting to me. I strive to remain aware of how certain foods affect me and why. This provided a greater insight into the waves within foods which was something that I had not previously spent much time on. For me, the foods that have the highest vibrations (and Vex shared are the best for us) seem to be the Meditteranean diet. Eventually, I can see myself cutting out red meat, sausages, and dairy. I guess that sadly enough, chocolate also will be part of that list.

Electromagnetic waves of particular foods:

High vibrational foods include nuts, fresh fruits, raw vegetables, whole grains, and coconut.
Lower vibrational foods include boiled vegetables, butter, eggs, honey, cooked fish, peanut oil, and wine.
Very low vibrational foods include coffee, tea, jams, cooked meat, sausages, chocolate, processed cheeses, and white bread.
Practically no vibration foods include margarine, refined white sugar, bleached flour, and alcoholic spirits.
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This was a recent awakening that I had. I needed to remove myself from multiple relationships because they were not filling me and were rather solely draining me — that’s not sustainable or healthy. This does not change my emotions or feelings toward a person, it just dramatically lessens the time and energy that I’ll devote to them. I have to say, I can’t remember ever being more energized and free.

Relationships should be empowering and shouldn’t make you consistently feel limited or lacking. You should never be feeling empty in a relationship especially if it’s to make someone else feel full.

If you need to validate what they do, or try to argue in their favor… face the facts: they are not the friends that you think that they are.

Do your friends show you support? Applaud when you win? Encourage you to take positive actions? Help you grow as a person? If you’re unsure, your friendships may not be as healthy as you think they are.

Better NOT bitter. Period. End of discussion. That’s it. There is no other option. It’s not both, there is no gray area. Which is it?

“True friends do not become bitter when you get better, they help you become better and ensure you don’t become bitter.” — Vex King
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Focus on what you can control — your response to negative thoughts — and life will be much better for it. Remember… the devil has the power to send us thoughts, but it’s up to us what we do with them! Put on the armor of God and stand strong.

The goal is not to get rid of negative thoughts but rather to change your response to them.

There is a greater purpose. Vex and I likely believe this for different reasons — I believe God created us, the earth, and everything in it. We were never created to live just for ourselves, we were never created to sit on a couch and watch Netflix. Everyone’s unique purpose is different but all are powerful, incredible, and worthwhile.

Do you honestly believe you were put on this planet just to exist and survive? Do you truly believe life is simply about making money? Life is greater when you live with a higher purpose; when you find a reason for doing what you do, you will feel complete.

Any advice is gold. This is the approach that I take to life. I know that I can learn from anyone and everyone, no matter who they are or what they have done or haven’t done.

“Well you don’t have to believe me but any advice is gold.” — from a middle aged woman that told Vex how special he is.

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This book provided some nice perspective and a number of great ideas. While it was not my favorite book, I appreciated the insights that the author shared and clearly saw how much of an impact these values had on him throughout this life. I know that we can overcome greater difficulties and accomplish greater things if we alter and improve our perspective, mindset, and belief system. Well, what are we waiting for? Good vibes, good life.

I gave this book a 3/5

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