2020 Birthday Gratitude List

Here are the 23 things that I am grateful for this year:

I started this in 2019 and have made it an annual endeavor. Each year I will create a list of one thing that I am grateful for to go along with each year of life — this year I put together a list of 23 things.

After creating this list I went back and reviewed the 22 things that I wrote the year prior.

What I particularly liked was the centeredness between both lists, I understand how small I am in this world and I also understand that I am God’s divine creation — just like each of us are.

Here are the 23 things that I am grateful for this year:

1. The relationship with Julia

2. Good health

3. Strong disciplines

4. The ability to read the Bible

5. The thirst to read Scripture, Psalm 42:1

6. Moving music

7. Comfortable rest

8. Adequate transportation

9. A roof

10. A balanced diet with fresh fruit

11. A mind that yearns to learn

12. Accountability, especially to Scripture

13. Education

14. Physical exercise and the ability to better myself

15. People that take the time and make the effort to stay connected

16. Obstacles and challenges that foster strength building and maturation

17. Languages and the ability to speak multiculturally

18. Those who take time to teach things that may be of future value

19. Books — material that has been compiled and expanded and meditated upon extensively

20. Five senses with which I can view and feel the world

21. Connection to purpose and a continuously greater understanding of my God-given mission

22. Nature and the overwhelming beauty God used to create everything

23. Life and the understanding that every day truly is the best day of my life

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