60% water but you only drink a glass a day…

When we act without intentionality, our actions lack meaning and will lack desired outcomes.

Drinking water is something that I’ve always done. My metabolism is quick and always has been. I’m used to routinely out-eating people that have 50 pounds on me. That’s regular.

With that, I need to be sure that my water intake reflects both my activity levels and the volume of nutrients I’m flowing throughout my body.

One of the things that is often discussed is how much water we need to drink. People often have different perspectives and opinions on this matter… but the science speaks — people are dehydrated.

75 Percent of Americans Are Chronically Dehydrated (Source).

Are you dehydrated? Find out (Source).

It’s interesting sometimes. People wonder why they’re tired. Why they’re getting headaches or feeling sick. So many times, it’s just a lack of water.

Crazy, right?

Something so simple, like drinking water, that people overlook and undervalue all day long.

“Oh whoops, I only drank 2 cups of water at work today.” People think to themselves.

It’s just not sustainable and it leaves much to be desired.

People will spend their weekends drinking alcohol or soda and wonder why they’re dehydrated.

It’s the simple things. Drink a little water every 20 or 30 minutes. If you do that throughout the course of the day, it’s easy to get to the best water amount for yourself.

So again, if we’re over 60% water, why is water not even 60% of what we drink?

The easy things don’t always happen as often as they should.

But so many times, it’s up to us and it’s our responsibility to make it happen and consistently get it done.

Why don’t we drink more water? We should.

There are many things that we don’t do that we all know we should… things like stretching, getting adequate sleep, focusing on our minds, resting.

Do what needs to get done when it needs to get done and everything will seem easier due to your increased strength.

“Knowing what must be done does away with fear.” — Rosa Parks
“If you knew that victory was the ONLY option, what would you do today to experience success?”

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