75 Hard FAILURE 2022 — Round 3

75 Hard Failure 2022

The best and most impactful benefit comes after the full 75 days. It comes after being that consistently disciplined. I’ve done it before. I’ve tapped back into the point I was at mentally at the end of the program last year.

But, I failed. I did not complete day 45.

With this, I was intending to workout in the morning (which I did at 4:50am) and right after my flight landed at 10:30am. When my flight landed I went on the shuttle to get the rental car but it wasn’t going to work. It smelled like smoke and the gas was nearly empty. It took another 30 minutes to get something adequate. 30 minutes during which I had planned to be working out before my lunch at 1:00. This meant my next workout would have to be around 11 after I went to the wedding, it was the only possible time.

But, I got back to the Airbnb, started working out and nodding off, and eventually fell asleep for a few hours and then never finished the workout. Oof. That hurt. I did it to myself because of how little I actually slept on Thursday night… less than an hour in total.

So, I need to take a step back and reassess again. I am happy with where my mind is at but my sleep schedule is terrible. I want to be regularly in bed by 10:00 at least 5 nights a week. I strongly feel I should be prioritizing that over anything else. I’ll be praying on it before I commit one way or another.

I like finishing things. And after doing 75 Hard successfully twice, I thought it would be a no brainer. But, I didn’t properly align everything for success and would’ve been much better off had I packed on Wednesday night not Thursday. It was all my decision, all of it.

I had fun, I will continue to have fun, and I’ll continue to work my butt off.

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