A Daily Discipline

I’m very much a consistent person, I do the same things time and time again.

But, I strive to continue to improve and create new habits and disciplines that are going to better me and the people around me.

At the Father’s Day at Christ Fellowship in 2019, Pastor Tom Mullins shared that a father or a man should do three things:

1. Know the truth
2. Live out the truth
3. Model the truth

To do that, he said to simply start and begin by reading a chapter of Proverbs, a chapter of the gospels, and a chapter of Paul’s letters each and every day — which can be done in 15 minutes or less.

So I started doing that and I shared that previously as well, linked here, and then continued further through other parts of the Bible also.

There eventually was a great shift in the reading that I did and the style with which I underwent my reading and studies.

What influenced me greatly recently in my Bible reading was a perspective shift in two areas:

First, that the Bible is not meant to be read through but rather prayed through.
Second, that when we think God is not speaking back, we need to read the Bible and God will speak to us through what is written.

For me, I’ve also spent time taking notes within my Bible and adding notes and reflections to the verses I read through and pray through.

For me, it’s becoming a lot more than reading my Bible; it’s becoming so much more of developing my relationship with God at a deeper level day after day after day.

I’m enjoying the time I spend reading my Bible more each morning.

Not only am I learning but I am seeing the Bible truly come alive. What that means for me is that I’m seeing Biblical principles and aspects throughout various areas of my life.

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