Act. React. Adapt.

Life happens & we must continue to live it.

Act. React. Adapt.

Often we make up our minds and have choices about what we would like to do. But many times, there are roadblocks in the way. There are unexpected obstacles.

I had committed to a workout a few days ago in the evening, I thought I would go for a run in the later evening about 7 or 8.

At 7 I was finishing up eating and working on a few projects so I wasn’t ready. As it got later it started to sound like it was raining. Now, in my townhouse, I don’t really see the weather too much.

I grabbed my shoes and my headphones, laced up, and was ready to go.

As soon as I opened the door it felt like I was walking out into a monsoon.

But, I had decided to act.

Now, I had to react.

I reacted quickly and knew that the rain wasn’t going away.

There were only two options as I saw it:

1. Forfeit my commitment to run and maybe wait an hour.
2. Go anyways and get it done.

I elected the latter and headed out on the run. There were more puddles than I could count and more rain in my face than I could recognize.

There were many parts of the evening that I could not control — I had to act anyways.

I’ll keep this short.

There is one thing I want to highlight.

I could have postponed my run — but that’s not the point.

The point is that the commitment was already made. Either I could follow through or I could be untrue to my word.

It’s not always easy but it’s necessary. We need to do what we say and say what we do.

“Knowing what must be done does away with fear.” — Rosa Parks

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  • Love this. Your word is your bond to not only others, but more importantly to yourself.

    Nathan Yamaguchi

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