Are You Driving Blind?

How do you attain your target? Where is your vision?

8% of people achieve their goals.

Is that good for you?

Is that fine with you?

Is that satisfactory for you?

Is that impressive?

That means that between you, your 3 best friends, your 2 siblings, your 2 parents, your 1 boss, your 1 partner, and your 2 aunts, only ONE of you will achieve your goals… Wow.

I think we can agree that every person in the world has dreams.

We all have dreams but less than 1 in 12 people achieve them?


I’ve even seen a handful of sources place this number at a mere 1 in 20.

1 in 20…

In my eyes, there really is just one essential part of goals, dreams, and vision.

I would say that goals and dreams are both parts of your vision.

Are you driving blind? Are you living life without looking forward? Are you successful?

Our vision is not something that should be blurry.

A Harvard study conducted from 1979 to 1989 asked graduates if they had clear, written goals for their future. It turned out that ONLY 3% of the graduates with written goals and plans.

That means that… more or less, the other 95% of people are driving blind.

They are navigating their lives without a destination or a clear focus on the road ahead. Without defining the destination, how do you know if you are on the correct route to get there?

“Life is a series of roads. We know the destination that the road will lead us to so we should be careful which road we turn onto” — Richard Santos

As I said on Sunday, everyone should have a vision for their lives. There should be something or even more than one thing that every individual on the planet is chasing after and pursuing.

On Thursday, I will continue more on this topic and share the potential that we can all have.

My goal today is to provide a few action steps that have worked for me; my goal is to provide action steps that empower others to chase their dreams.

First, we need a target.

So many people have goals and dreams but, often many have no idea if they are on the right path.

We know where we will go.

If we find a target, where will we go?

We then pursue the next target.

Set the next target. Be ready for it.

But, we should always have the next target set before we reach the initial target.

Kobe Bryant wanted to go to the NBA. But, that was not his only target. When he was drafted, he went to the gym to get in more workouts. He was already focused on the next target.

We cannot measure everything, but, being people as we are, we often need affirmation that we are growing and improving.

If we do things that are easily measured then we will also be able to easily track our progress.

What happens when we think that we have achieved our goal?

How do you know if your vision has been actualized?

We double check.

But, what does our vision look like? What happens when our vision comes to fruition?

When it comes to fruition, we enjoy it. We embrace our vision.

But, how do you know what you desire?

The most successful people thrive when they attain success because they know what it will feel like.

Napoleon Hill writes about success in his book, Think and Grow Rich.

We learn that we must put ourselves mentally into a situation where we will be successful.

Have you mentally lived out your vision?

Have you truly spent time in deep visualization?

Have you thought about what it will feel like?

“Live by your own rules. Nobody else’s. Not your mother’s. Not mine. Not the f***ing world’s. Your vision of your life by your rules every day. To me, that’s a full life.” — Gary Vaynerchuk

Quantifying and qualifying what it is that you are working towards is essential.

People do not always do that.

Achieve your vision. Attain your goals. Keep reaching. Keep striving.

Only 3% of people have their goals defined and written. Even fewer people have a true vision for their life.

What does success look like to you?

Measure it. Pursue it. Attain it.


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