Become Stronger — Run Into the Storm

“Discipline is continuous; there is no start time or end time.”

It’s tough — life is.

Maybe you haven’t learned that yet.

But life is always going to be a challenge… no matter how strong we become.

The things of this world do NOT change. We must change.

“I hold composure better than my generation can hold a phone.” — Austin Bailey
“Every time I look in the mirror I remind myself that a small action today and tomorrow and the next day becomes a MAJOR action in the future.” — Harrison Wendland

Years ago, I never ran.

My mom has been a runner forever. She’s done a handful of half marathons, triathlons, and marathons.

So when I told her I wanted to get some running shoes a few years back she was quite excited and wanted to buy me a pair.

Running was just an area I knew I could improve in. I want to be able to do any sort of activity or physical exertion and not get tired — period.

Now that I’m actually running I need to continue.

The same goes for the other outdoor workouts I do.

I don’t want to run a ton, I’m focusing on building strength and endurance so I do a lot of work with weighted vests. I have a 25 pound vest and a 45 pound vest and will often go for 3 or 4 miles at a 14:00 pace with one or both of those on.

Get it done. Do the work.

I rarely look forward to running.

Sometimes I look forward to the weighted walks because I know that I’m in a hurry, it’s a challenge, a competition that I control the outcome of, and a goal that is to be achieved.

I’ve done weighted walks in 95 degree sunny weather.
I’ve done weighted walks in 80 degree partly cloudy weather.
I’ve done weighted walks in 85 degree pouring rain.

When I start, I have to finish — that’s non-negotiable.

I just wish that Florida had some elevation and hills… flat ground is too easy now.

I need to get it done. Period.

The hardest thing is often lacing up, throwing on the weight vest, and getting to work.

It’s not supposed to be easy… the best rowing teams aren’t great because they can row in calm water but because they can navigate waves. The best business people aren’t great because they can sell a product in high demand but because they can remain profitable in weak economies.

Which are you?

Someone who allows their circumstances or environment to dictate their outcome?


Someone who is going to do what it takes to win regardless of the uncontrollables?
“Reality is my drug. The more I have of it, the more power I get and the higher I feel.” — 50 Cent
“Relax. Look around. Make a call.” — Jocko Willink
“When the going gets rough, when the going gets tough, when I think I’ve had enough, I KNOW what to do… my job.” — Harrison Wendland

What are you working towards?

Sometimes you have to go straight into the storm.

Bring the war to the battleground. Win the day. Win the week. Win your life.

“Discipline is continuous; there is no start time or end time.” — Harrison Wendland
“Winning isn’t everything but losing is nothing.” — Edmar Mednis
“I don’t want to hear that someone can’t handle pressure. Everyone can handle pressure but most people choose not to you because it’s easier to stay safe in the comfort zone.” — Tim Grover

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