Check Yourself. Come Correct. YOU Determine Your Conclusions.

Lack of critical thinking takes millions of lives each and every year.

I’ve said this a lot over the past few months.

The serious pandemic occurring right now is the lack of critical thinking.

Lack of critical thinking takes millions of lives each and every year.

Where do you get your information from?

Maybe from a range of places.

How many times have you asked the following question:

Why does this person or group of people qualified to provide an opinion or conclusion that has enough POWER to impact and influence my PERSONAL conclusion?

I don’t give that power to many people — really no one has that power.

There are people who I trust more than others but I will ALWAYS verify any and every conclusion before I accept it fully But even with that, I’m willing to recalibrate and pivot on a DIME. There is NOTHING that I believe that cannot be assessed or evaluated at will.

It is a STRENGTH to be able to pivot and completely and entirely switch your position on something after receiving new information.

There is so much noise nowadays that it is easy to get lost.

What do you really think? Why?

Why is 2+2 4? Who told you that? And you believed them, why?

What about the other things… the things that people say different things about all the time:

Eggs are healthy. Or they’re not…
Masks are effective. Or they’re not…
Weight training helps you lose weight. Or it doesn’t…
Marriage is stressful. Or it isn’t…

Who do you listen to and why?

Why have you given such people that amount of extraordinary power in your life?

“Granting someone the power to influence your beliefs and values can be one of the most dangerous things that you ever do in life.”

Who cares?

Like honestly though, when people share things with us, why do they do so? Is it for our well-being? Usually no.

Many times people just share things with us so that we can be on their side, right?

If you don’t think so… why do you share things with people? You tell someone how much you love your favorite sports team. You share a restaurant that you favor in the city. You expand upon the plans that you have for your future.

You’re not asking, you’re telling. Let’s be real… nobody cares.

Did they ask? Then why are you telling someone about something that’s uninvited?

Making conversation? Sure… but why not ask them about their preferences for those things?

“Let’s just be real with it… most of our family members and most of our friends don’t truly know what drives us.” — Harrison Wendland

It’s beneficial to live by a trust but verify. ALWAYS give the benefit of the doubt.

If someone says that they care about what you want to do in life — believe them.

But then… leave it up to them and trust in them to express that to you.

People want to act like they care because they know that it will make you feel good. Remember what happens when someone on a public broadcast looks right at the camera and seems as though they are making a “personal appeal” to you? That’s probably not real.

Most people know how to play the game and they know how to win the game.

Attention is the world’s currency nowadays and if they’re on TV and you’re listening… you’re effectively paying them. But then… if you take their opinion and perspective to heart, they’re really winning.

You may think that many people don’t have a vested interest in what decisions you do or do not make… but that’s not true at all.

People want what they want and they usually want it all the time.

Remember that your teacher wouldn’t typically accept other solutions for 2+2. They’d accept 4 or 4 or 4. Many people share that logic when they are discussing other things also — like beliefs.

We are all unique but we cannot allow ourselves to be swayed by those who simply will not share 100% of the same views or vision as us.

“All I can be is me; I cannot be whomever I want to be. Who the Creator made us to be is who we are, that’s who we can be. God is an intentional craftsman, we were meticulously designed by God.” — Jordan Raynor

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