“College is the best four years of your life, enjoy it.”

P.s. I spent 5 years in college but I got my MBA too.

My sister just graduated and is preparing for college. I’m excited.

So I’m thinking about my time at the university and what I enjoyed most about the time there.

I’ve been reflecting a little bit on my time in college.

I totally disagree with the common statement, “college is going to be the best time of your life, enjoy it.”

That’s ridiculous to me.

Why can’t life just keep getting better and better?

I used to say that every day was the best day of my life and after falling off of that for a while, I’m at a point again where I can confidently say that the best day of my life is the one I’m currently living.

Looking back, here are a handful of the things that I enjoyed most while in college.

My best college memories:

Playing football
Sand bar with Mike Kakalow and we threw a football on the sandbar
Social Enterprise Conference
Career Development

South Florida Fair
Working an unpaid internship with Alexander Golding
Mentoring program

Rowing team
Monopoly and Super Smash Bros with the roommates
Playing basketball in the gym

Climbing on top of the chapel one night
Driving onto Baxter green to pick people up from Baxter

Deep conversations with the roommates

Having a friend group that would hang out every night for a year there
Working at Havana

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