Do This to Achieve Your Goals Faster.

Is it any surprise that many people simply “drift” or “coast” throughout their lives? No, it isn’t.

If I asked you what your goals are right now for the next 2 months, how long would it take you to answer me?

Many people have goals but what are they?

Do we really know what our goals are?

Some people do but many people do not.

Is it any surprise that many people simply “drift” or “coast” throughout their lives? No, it isn’t.

People don’t have a direction that they desire to go in and they are not seeking God’s direction… so they go where the wind takes them. It’s only logical unfortunately.


“According to the best research, less than 3 percent of Americans have written goals, and less than 1 percent review and rewrite their goals on a daily basis.” — SOURCE (

I’ve been writing down daily goals for at least the past 2 years and documenting my longer term 12–48 month goals every morning and every night for at least the past 3 years.

I know what I want.

When you ask me what my goals are, I’ll tell you.

If you don’t ask what my goals are, you’ll see their fruit once I achieve them.

Your choice. I’ll act in the direction of my goals regardless.

Quick sidenote: many people pursue monetary goals that have a secular and temporary foundation. One of the most powerful things that I believe Jesus ever said was His command to “store up for yourself treasures in heaven.” It’s not about a temporary earth, it’s about an eternal glorification of a God who loves us enough to welcome us to heaven despite our sinful natures.

Where do your goals source from?

Maybe you don’t have goals anymore… but you used to. Where did they come from before?

Was it a dream that you were aspiring towards?

Someone you wanted to make proud?

Maybe something else… or maybe a combination of both.


SMART goals — Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-based goals.

These are the 1–12 month goals or daily goals that we incorporate into our daily lives.

Then there are the other goals. The so-called big hairy audacious goals.

These are the 12–48 month goals that you’d like to have happen but seem untouchable today.

We need both.

What many successful people do is break down those bigger goals into chunk goals. Let’s say you want to develop a $100,000 stock investment portfolio in 10 years. That could seem intimidating. So your first goal is $500. After you get close, you create your next goal: $1,000.

Then what happens when you’re at $900? Make your next goal — $2,000.

Keep going little by little by little and all of a sudden you’ll be halfway there and then the power of compounding really takes effect.


I was discussing with someone about the rest of the year. We talked about some of our vision for the remaining 2 months and what we are looking to do.

What I realized is that while this person has a great level of self-awareness it still took them a few moments to gather their thoughts and come back with a true perspective and vision.

Then the question was flipped on me.

It took me a few moments.

But I quickly gathered myself, I have clarity of what I’m working towards.

I have the goals to:

— Monetize my website in some way
— Finish another 18 books
— Complete the certification I’m working towards
— Execute on a specified exercise regimen

What are you working towards?

When you do things every day, you do them for a reason; identify the reason you act and expand on it.

Become who you were always meant to be and do all that you can for the betterment of yourself and those around you.

“Everyone has different goals so it would not be fair to myself if I were to compare myself to someone else. Competing — in their mind — might look totally different than competing in my mind.” — Harrison Wendland
“We get to love what we do when we get really good at it.” — Mark Whatney

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