Dog-eared Pages and Highlighters

I read books and take notes.

Maybe you knew that already.

I started reading and highlighting and noting things for myself.

Eventually, though, I realized that while I was doing all this great work, most people I know or have talked to are not consuming as much content from books.

But, maybe some people will read the notes I take, they’re smaller, more digestible, and from a trusted source — me.

I started talking to a lot of people about the things that I am reading and noticed that many people were receiving new information from me.

Because of that, rather than dumping information onto people in a situation where that isn’t desired, I have found that it is much better for me to post everything online in an understandable way.

The other benefit that has is that it’s accessible at all times. Whether or not someone wants to have a conversation with me about what I have read and written can be done more on their terms than on mine.

Now, even when I look back at my notes and I type up the things that I highlight, I sometimes type up extra things.

I want to be certain that anyone who reads the notes and my reflections to them can understand the context and the reason that I am saying the things that I am saying.

Along with that, I have noticed that my retention is better because I have been revisiting my book notes 2, 3, even 4 times within the weeks after completing books.

I save and try to organize my notes in a way that works chronologically with the book so people can reference them if they are looking within their own copy of the book.

It’s super important to me that I show my thoughts are simply that — my thoughts — and I do not expect other people to share those views. Expressing what impacts me is important though I do realize and hope to show that what impacts me may not impact other people in the same way, if at all.

Overall, I highlight and take notes on what is important to me or impacts me.

At times things impact me because I catch myself reading with others in mind and when I pick up on things that people I know may not be aware of yet, I like to highlight those things also.

Reading continues to motivate me.

I am continuously inspired by the people I read about and the people who have written the works I read.

While I know that there is always more to learn and understand, I’m also aware that no one else thinks the same as I do.

I strive to understand others more and more and books are one way that I love to do that.

As I continue to read and progress in the building process of my library, here are some things that I strive to remember and keep at front of mind as I read.

“When you talk you are only repeating what you already know but if you listen you may learn something new.” — Dalai Lama
“The person you will be in five years is decided by the people you spend time with and the books you read today.” — Joe Duncan

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