“I’m Entirely Invested in This” Pt. 3

One step. One decision. Relentlessly pursued.

When’s the last time you went all in on something?

Then what?

You did anything that you possibly could for the desired outcome.

I talked about what we do when other’s commit for us, I reflected on the value of verbal commitments, now I’ll reflect on being entirely invested into something.

Have you ever committed your entire life to something?

Maybe a life’s purpose? Maybe a calling? Maybe another person?

When I sent my Dad the bitmoji below on Father’s Day, here was his response:

“Thank you, Harrison. Being your father is my favorite role of my life!”

On Tuesday, I featured Gary Vaynerchuk’s quote,

“If you tell everyone you’re going to do something and you decide it’s not the right choice 100 days in, that’s a strength — not a weakness.” — Gary Vaynerchuk

I followed that up by saying, just because even if you verbally commit to something, that’s not what you’re committed to.

Here’s what I mean by that. To Gary’s point, why did I say that I didn’t have a problem writing less, or actually not at all, for 8 weeks? Because that’s not what I committed to.

I committed to writing 3 articles each week BECAUSE I committed to sharing what I am learning from the books I’m reading and the audiobooks that I’m listening to.

So re-evaluating and ensuring that I can do so in the best way possible? That’s no problem for me.

My Dad, in the same fashion, may not like me at times. He may disagree with me at times. But, being the person he is, and in part, with the commitment that he has made, to be a father for my sister and me pushes him to work through those conflicts with me.

But, if he only committed, in contrast, to support me when it was easy to do so, he might get worn down and worn out (I’m glad he hasn’t).

Many people spend their whole lives chasing something. What are they chasing? It may be different for each person.

Maybe one person is chasing fame. Maybe that want to be in a blockbuster movie.

Maybe one person is chasing family. Maybe they want a husband and 5 children.

Maybe one person is chasing faith. Maybe they want to dedicate their life to studying the Bible.

Maybe one person is chasing food. Maybe they want to be a world-renowned chef.

No matter what you’re chasing, it takes commitment.

I said a few days ago, “The easiest way to get what you want? By any means necessary.”
It’s also said, “A successful person is successful because they do the things they need to do, even when they don’t feel like them doing them.”

When you commit to something and are truly invested in the outcome, when you have a stake in the outcome, you better do anything to get that success.

If you’re entirely invested, like Warren Buffet, waiting until you are 55 years old for a net worth of $1 billion is not worth sweating over.

When you really want something, you invest yourself entirely. When you really want something you will do anything that you believe is necessary, regardless of if you feel up to it.

Everything with love; true commitment comes from the heart.

I’ve committed to kindness. No matter the situation, no matter who I’m talking to, I commit to being kind.

So, now, whatever I commit to will reflect that and encompass kindness.

I’ll be committing to carrying out everything else by any means necessary — yet with kindness of course.

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