Going for Goals

Big goals:

I write them as if they are already accomplished, they are PRESENT.
I write all goals as they directly relate to me, they are PERSONAL.
I write them as if they are certain, they are good, they are POSITIVE.

There are Brian Tracy’s 3 P’s of goal setting and here is why they work well for me:

As they are present tense, there is no date of accomplishment or expiration. The dates are all mental, the important thing is that I’m taking action towards each goal every single day.

It’s all about the frame of mind and the perspective. 
It’s all about the lens that we view our lives through.
It’s all about who we believe that we are BECOMING.

In the present moment, we do NOT need to be everything that we are striving towards.

In the book All in Your Head, Russ did a great job elaborating upon this essential philosophy also. He raps in one of his songs, “This ain’t a Nissan, this a McLaren.” It’s the mindset. Period.

Again, we need to continue moving forward.

We need that momentum.

“It is much harder to stop something already in motion than it is to start something that is stopped. It is even harder still to induce motion into something that is without movement.” — Harrison Wendland

It’s not about attaining some sort of objective, it’s about becoming someone who can continually and consistently execute upon their goals.

In the book Atomic Power by James Clear, he shares, “Each habit is like a suggestion. Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become. As the votes build, you decide the evidence of your new identity.”

Said differently, James writes the following:

1. Decide the person you want to be.
2. Prove it to yourself in bits
“The focus should always be on becoming that type of person, not getting to your outcome.” — James Clear

It’s not enough to simply quit smoking. We must redefine who we are. Tony Robbins shares in his excellent book Awaken the Giant Within, habits are created and destroyed either by a great association and connection with pain or pleasure.

Which is it for you?

Are you someone who sometimes wakes up early or are you an early riser?

Catch the difference?

That’s how I think about my goals.

It’s not about giving more money to my church and back to God, it’s about becoming more generous with the heart that God has given me.

It’s not about working out more, it’s about becoming more fit and more of an exercise enthusiast.

Since first writing this article, I have modified my goals. I know add to the line after each goal my “I am” statements.

I am generous.
I am a connector
My body is a temple
I am resourceful and creative.
I am a good steward.

What are your goals for the year? How has this impacted the structure of them?

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