Gratitude and Giving — A Personal Testimony

A Personal Testimony:
Here’s the story…

So Christ Fellowship, the church I go to, has a Christ Birthday Offering (here). In the past, I’ve given to that beyond the tithe. This year, it was on my heart to give again so I’ve been praying since the week before Thanksgiving about how much to give. I sit there and I say, “God how’s $100, $200? I think $200 is good.”

I just hear in my head $500. Okay, how would I pay $500? I’m not sure. Is that really what you want me to do? I would be overjoyed to give that much to the offering but I’m not sure how to do that, I’m thinking and telling God.

I spend the next few weeks in prayer. Finally, I come to an understanding and move forward with the $500 offering during the service this past Sunday, the 15th of December.

After I gave it, I was like wow!! That was fun!! It’s amazing and rewarding to give in this way.

And I sit there and go, “Okay God, I know this is what you wanted me to give, now what? Now I’m trusting you.”

I had recently talked to a friend of mine about holiday bonuses and he shared his company policy with me. We also discussed what my company does, I know that they give out some bonuses here but that’s all I really knew about.

Today, my boss David called me into his office and he said they’re giving bonuses for the end of the year. Now I had been thinking that I was too new here, only my 8th week in the office right now, so I probably wouldn’t receive one.

I was mistaken.

He shared that the bonuses go out in February and I would be receiving one. That gift I gave to the church, that I gave back to God? God took care of it.

I was obedient to the Lord and used what I was blessed with to bless others and continue to remain obedient to all that God has commanded.

Now I have more blessings coming my way and I look forward to being able to tithe on them.

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