Social Media? Or Harrison Media?

Who do we talk to on social media?

We are all social somewhere

But, where?

But, how?

But, when?

But, with who?

But, why?

Those are a few of the questions constantly running through my head as I am on social media or think about going on social media.

People use a variety of social media applications like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Vimeo, and TikTok.

Now, I only use about half of those, and less than that a regular basis.

I have never created a Vimeo or a TikTok or a Tumblr. I have created a Pinterest and a Reddit, at least I think that I have, but I don’t use them anymore. I have used them for a second, maybe just a few times, but they weren’t anything that totally interested me.

Some of the social media sites I do use. Most of them, I use for the same reasons.

Social media is defined by Oxford Dictionaries as, “websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.”

I use Facebook and Snapchat for ultimately the same reason, both enable me to socially network. On Facebook, I do not create or share much content. What I do, however, is keep in contact with people. Facebook revolves primarily around my family members and their updates. I do not spend much time on Facebook but I do open it a few times a day for a few minutes. I am also part of a group for the semi-pro football team I’m part of.

The rest of my Facebook feed, beyond the family members and few friends I have set to “see first” most of the feed on the app tends to be filled with advertisements, gossip, or political posts, and I am not all too interested in consuming those things through Facebook.

On Snapchat, most of what I do is communicate with people. I create a little content but again, do not spend much time there. I Snapchat a few people and that is it. I post a story every now and then but typically no more than a few times a week.

The other thing I do on Snapchat is consume a little content from others. While I Snapchat no more than 3 or 4 people daily, I do keep up with some people’s Snapchat stories. I also follow a few influencers and the NFL on Snapchat so that I am also able to see their content.

I use YouTube similarly but in different ways than I use Snapchat or Facebook. On YouTube, I am subscribed to a few accounts but not many. I am much more selective on YouTube than on Facebook. Its structure makes it easier to be.

I may open Facebook to see what my family and friends are up to. However, I personally do not open YouTube to simply explore content.

I know what I want to see before I open the application. The people I follow and the content I consume revolves around entrepreneurship and business, psychology and communication, and football and music. Those are the main subjects of content that I seek out on YouTube.

But, I do not create much content for YouTube, I do not do much on Youtube besides watch the occasional video or videos of my choosing.

Instagram is another type of social media that I use. I use this probably most frequently. I follow people on here that I care about and want to learn from or keep up to date with. I follow friends, people I admire, and people that I learn from.

My Instagram account on February 21, 2019

Unlike the earlier mediums, I do create and share content on Instagram. I share a few different things. My overall feed or profile contains me, the things I care about, and the people closest to me.

I post an Instagram story more often than I do a Snapchat story. Most of my Instagram I look at as my voice, as my brand. I categorize my Instagram stories now in a few categories, the books I read, the music I like, and my mindset.

The profiles and accounts I follow here have to do with psychology, thinking, business, and football. I admire football because of the way that it works. It takes people working together in unison for a common goal. There are many professional athletes in the league who stand for things and have values that are easy for me to follow and support, a few being faith and family.

A final thing I do on Instagram is network. I might comment on people’s posts and then have conversations that way with people.

“Every person that I meet, I can learn from.”

That is a huge belief of mine and one of the reasons that I take the time not only to follow some choice accounts on Instagram but to read the comments and see how people think, to see what people believe, and to learn how I can better understand them or communicate with them.

The final two types of social media that I use are Twitter and LinkedIn.

Twitter, first, is something that I use in a similar fashion to Instagram. I follow less than 100 people, for good reason. I have a few friends I follow, a few influencers that I follow, a few athletes, and a few entrepreneurs or business leaders.

I don’t even follow 60 people, I only follow what I like most

I am very selective on Twitter. I want to limit my time and indulge solely in things that interest me or benefit me. That is the goal that I have with most social media, to consume what I want to, but also, what I need to.

What I share on Twitter revolves around two things. One thing I share is my personal thoughts in a conversational manner in response to what some people are tweeting and what some people are tweeting in response to others.

What I like about Twitter versus Instagram is the flow. It is much easier to converse on Twitter and do so fluidly. I also personally believe that people are a lot more open and honest on Twitter than on other social media platforms. I love learning about others and from others and I think that Twitter is a wonderful platform to understand others and the way that they think.

My LinkedIn on February 21, 2019

LinkedIn, finally, is the last social media platform that I use regularly. This brings the greatest value for me. I have connected with people in Tanzania, Lebanon, Australia, England, and other areas. Without LinkedIn, I doubt I would have met them.

I share all of the articles that I write on Medium on both LinkedIn and Twitter. I also respond to a post or two nearly every day on LinkedIn. Along with Twitter, I think that the conversation that takes place on LinkedIn is some of the best.

I learn constantly and I learn from others constantly on LinkedIn.

John Maxwell said, “You cannot overestimate the unimportance of practically everything”

In my eyes, I would say that this quote relates well to social media. Here are all the social media platforms that I use and why. But, they are all virtually unimportant, they help, yes, do I need them? No.

This is how I use social media, how do you use yours? What accounts do you use regularly?

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