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Who knows who you are?

Grant Cardone teaches that it doesn’t matter who you know, it matters who knows you.

Because if you know people but they don’t know who you are? Why does that matter?

The power of networking is shown in so many areas. Where is the last place that you met someone you didn’t expect?

David Butkus writes in his book, “Friend of a Friend” that dormant ties are very powerful. He states that these are people we have been connected with for a while but haven’t talked to in the past 12 months.

Research shows that these people are actually more likely to help you than are the relationships that you have with other professionals.

So, if you haven’t talked to someone in a long time, or what might feel like a long time, that should not be a reason to not talk to them.

Because, while you know them, they ALSO know you. So because they know you, they can help you.

And because you know them, you can AND SHOULD help them first.

Because not only does God bless those who bless others. But, they will know you more if you bless them before you ask, for anything. Also, the law of reciprocity, the deep-rooted psychological urge that one gets to help another after someone does a favor for them.”

What would someone benefit from talking to those people they haven’t spoken to? How would they go about it?

I like to use the 80/20 rule. It’s common knowledge that people prefer to talk about themselves than listen to someone else talk about them.

So how can this be used by you?

Just by saying hello, find common ground with someone. Are they wearing designer shoes? Maybe they’re passionate about shoes and fashion, ask them about it. Did you see them step out of a classic Chevrolet Chevelle? Maybe they have a love for cars and would want to share that with you.

God knows each of us by name

And here’s the real kicker. God? He knows each of us, by name. He created us.

At church this morning in King of Prussia, PA, I was at a church I’d never been to. At this church, I was the minority by society’s definition, but we’re all God’s people.

The pastor began to pray at the close of his sermon. We had never met before, and we walked in a little bit late. I was sitting near the aisle and as he approached me during the prayer, I sensed that he stopped, though my eyes were closed. He began to call me out, I didn’t know him, he didn’t know me, but God knows both of us. God connected the two of us.

This pastor made it known that he knew who I was because God told him.

And God knows who you are too, and He can reveal that to anyone.

I’m back to West Palm Beach, FL and I love meeting people on the plane. Where’s the next place you will now introduce yourself?

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