Hungry Harrison

If you could describe your behavior with 3 words, what would they be?

For me, I might say curious, respectful, and hungry.

But most people would probably say hungry.

The other two are always with me, but when I’m hungry… I’m really hungry.

When I’m hungry, I maintain my respect and ask if people are looking to get food soon. If not, I find a way to feed myself ASAP.

I’m always curious but when I’m hungry, it’s really only about food. It’s me asking the people around me what kind of food they like and if they’re hungry amongst other things.

Hunger is almost always present with me.

I eat more or could eat more than everyone I know.

There was a time I ate less than usual. It was leading up to Easter this year, in early 2019. I wanted to increase my reliance on God and build a closer relationship so I underwent a partial fast. I had only drinks during the day leading up to a smaller-than-normal dinner.

It was TOUGH. But it was so so good and I developed a closer connection with God.

Back in high school, and even middle school and younger, my mom called me a bottomless pit and later joked that after I went to college she now had leftovers for the whole week since I wasn’t there.

I remember when in Madison, WI with my dad that we went to a restaurant called Milio’s. They had 16-inch subs and I wanted one. So, I did what any 15 year old would do and ordered one. Of course, I ate the whole thing. The man who worked there was surprised and said that many players from UW Madison didn’t even eat that much.

More recently, I traveled to Georgia during a hurricane evacuation a few years back and we went to Hooters for unlimited wings. A friend of a friend probably had about 60 or 70 pounds on me and was convinced he could outeat me. 35 wings later he said he was about done. I ate 15 more and finished with 50 for the night, I win.

Back when I used to count calories and see how many grams of protein and carbohydrates I could eat in a day, I was close to 4500 or 5000 each day. That was back in high school when I was 6’2” and 150 pounds.

Today, I’m about 20–25 pounds heavier and ideally could eat 5 large meals per day.

With all I eat though… I get tired.

I get tired of feeding myself and often days am just hungry all day. There’s no way I want to cook… not 5 meals a day.

I tried a meal-prep service called Kettlebell Kitchen last fall and loved it. This food was all paleo, delivered to my door in cooler bags, pre-cooked, and totally delicious. Beyond that, it actually filled me. Like I could eat one of their meals (the larger portion of course) and actually feel full. It was awesome.

But… it was also over $12 a meal and that’s unsustainable for right now.

I’m just hungry, I love food.

I go to Chick-fil-A and my ideal order is 3 sandwiches, fries, and a lemonade.

People like spending money on all different sorts of things, we are all different.

I like food so by default, I spend money on it.

Any time I go out to eat with people I aim to eat dinner beforehand. If I don’t… it looks like this:

2 steak and shrimp orders from Texas Roadhouse (luckily they were on special). One order included a 6-ounce steak, 3 shrimp, and 2 sides… I had 2 of those.

A bruschetta chicken sandwich, a double burger, bottomless fries, and a salad from Red Robin.

Chicken tenders, fries, chili, a chicken sandwich, and a salad from Chili’s.

This is just in the last month. I try to stay away from restaurants for the most part for that reason right now. I’m just eating for what feels like forever and I end up spending more money than I would like to.

My meals lately are the prepared dinner meals from Costco designed for 6–8 people. They last me 2 or 3 meals depending on the day.

I’m always curious and I always aim to be respectful but when I’m hungry, that overshadows the other 2.

If I were to put them all together here’s what it would look like:

I’m hungry to learn, I’m curious to understand more about respect and I’m respectful of people’s various food preferences.

Find what drives you, and chase that, pursue it relentlessly and harness it.

I’m hungry — and not just hungry for food.

I’m hungry to grow, to learn, and hungry for success, whatever God will define that as in my earthly life.

“Take responsibility for everything. Become and remain invaluable.” — Grant Cardone

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