I Am a Success

I’m my own biggest critic — as I’m sure many of us are. So it’s been valuable for me to continue to make myself aware of the recent successes I’ve had.

This way, no matter what happens, I still feel like I’m on top and I have added incentive to continue pushing forward.

The main thing though, is that I know my competition. My competition is only in the mirror; I never compete with anyone else.

I don’t track accomplishments to celebrate myself.

The main reason that I continue to keep a list is so I know the direction that I am heading in.

When I feel like a failure, I look at recent successes and remind myself of who I really am, a success.

Even if I have not gone totally where I want to yet or gotten totally where I’d like to be yet, I know that I am on the way there because of the accomplishments that I already have.

And the power of “I am” statements is at full force through the constant reminder of me telling myself and reminding myself that I am a success.

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