I used to want to learn to cook

Once upon a time, I had a great desire to learn how to cook and I thought that it would be fantastic.

My mom has always been an incredible baker and has displayed passion in the kitchen.

She has made everything I could ever think of, I joke now that because I grew up with her cooking so frequently, I never need dessert again!

I love eating, it’s just so much fun, and I love food.

But now that I’m older, I would like to eat 5 meals a day.

And with 5 meals a day comes a lot of cooking.

While yes, cooking could be something great to learn how to do — that’s a lot of time.

And while sure it might be rewarding in some ways to me, is that the best use of my time?

Nah. It definitely is not.

Besides, even if I learn how to cook and spend time practicing and practicing and practicing, I still probably won’t be that good.

I loved when I had a Kettlebell Kitchen Plan.

Pop it in the microwave or oven and a delicious and nutritious meal was ready for me to enjoy in just a few minutes.

Not only that but it was gluten-free, high calorie, and high in macros I care about also.

Of course you can change the meal plan to fit your needs but I loved that.

I entirely aspire to having that sort of thing in the future over a sustainable period of time.

Either that or a personal chef.

But one is much more affordable — especially for the near future.

Once upon a time, I had a great desire to learn how to cook and I thought that it would be fantastic.

I thought it would be wonderful.

The truth is, cooking would still be wonderful but that’s not where my passions lie and I’m much more interested in other areas.

Besides, I know that other things I do will have much greater impact than simply nourishing me.

I can eat at restaurants everyday if that’s all I’m looking for in food.

I’m eating lunch on Friday afternoon as I type this and I am basically out of food.

But now I’m hungry again… time to think about dinner.

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