Judge Yourself — Everyone Else Already Does

We need to look at ourselves in the mirror and DECIDE how we are going to assess our lives.

There are probably times when you wake up or you look in the mirror or you get a phone call and you question EVERYTHING.

Why am I doing this? You ask.

Why should I continue? You ask.

Why go on? You ask.

This usually happens after a minor milestone.

You might experience something like a one year anniversary at a position or reaching $50,000 in stock investments or visiting 25 of the 50 states in the US… and then begin to question it ALL.

Maybe you look back on those 12 months and don’t recognize much impact that you’ve made. Why go on? You ask.

Maybe your goal is to have $500,000 in stock investments within the next 15 years and $50,000 barely feels like you’re chipping away at your goal. Why continue? You ask.

Maybe you want to visit all 50 states but didn’t really enjoy the last 5 you visited. Why am I doing this? You ask.

Continuing when you can’t:

You wake up and want to stay in bed.

That happens sometimes — to all of us.

But then what?

We need to make a decision that will impact everything else.

Do we stay in bed? We could just wait until tomorrow. We already missed the morning workout, just stay in bed. We are already behind, just call in sick. We already didn’t do what we wanted and slept past the alarm clock, just stay in bed.


We can’t do that.

That’s losing, we don’t accept defeat over here. If you do, read this first:

We are winners over here. That means small wins. That means big wins. That means WINS.

To win you must win… it’s that simple:

What is a win?

That depends on your rule for winning.

Personally, I am incredibly strict and explicit in the way that I define winning for myself.

If I miss my morning workout, for example, or if I press snooze, I’m losing. I need to turn it around FAST. Others are more lenient.

Maybe if you work out once a week, then you are WINNING in the area of exercise. That’s not my standard but I’m not going to try and tell you what your standard should be — you can take a look at the data for yourself and do your own research.

Critical thinking is so important and as I shared recently… the lack of critical thinking in society right now is the real pandemic. Millions of people are DYING as a result of not knowing how to think critically or knowingly deciding not to think critically.

So what is the decision that you’re going to make? Are you going to get out of bed??

Wake up!!

We have a life to live.

“What separates successful people from the REALLY successful people is that those who experience extraordinary levels of success do what needs to get done EVEN WHEN they don’t feel like doing it.”

That’s the epitome of consistency.

For the last 50-something days I’ve been going through 75Hard. If you don’t know what that is, you can look it up (I wrote about it also so you can read it here on my website: Why I’m Starting 75Hard). As part of the program, a 45+ minute workout is required outdoors every single day. My legs have never been so sore. I usually do a weighted walk with a 45-pound vest. I’ll go for 3 or 3.5 miles in 45 minutes. It hurts to walk up the stairs every single day and has for the greater part of the past 2 months. But that’s good. That’s WINNING to me.

I said I was going to do this program and I said I was going to better myself and I said I was going to become more mentally strong — so I’m going to do it. AND I’m going to do it well.

I’ve had SOOOOOO many days where I wanted to QUIT.

I missed the morning workout. I slept until 8:00 and had to rush to get to work. I missed my breakfast and slept until noon on the weekend.

But I STILL had to do 2 workouts when I missed the morning one. That meant one right after work at 6:30 and one 4 hours later at 11:00… the latest one I’ve done is 1:30AM (everything just needs to be completed before going to bed).

I STILL had to get my 4,000 calories of food within my specified diet guidelines even when I missed 6 hours of my typical day and thereby couldn’t have the regular 2,000 calories by 12:30PM that I usually did.

I STILL had to do the work.

Well… actually I could have quit… but nah… I couldn’t do that. Quitting is NO longer part of my vocabulary. Maybe I’ll pivot and switch up… but never quit.

Preventing quitting — leave NOTHING behind.

It’s too easy. It’s too too easy. It’s far too easy to say, “well no one else is working this hard, I’ll take a day off.”

Do NOT fall into that trap!!

The ONLY thing that you know is how hard you work. Quit trying to fool yourself into believing you actually know how hard others work. My roommate has “watched” a ton of movies but many times they’re just background noise and he gets more work done in 2 days than most people get done in a week.

Hard work is not about the inputs but the OUTPUT.

“Don’t lower your standards of work ethic because everyone else around you settled for normal.” — Randall Pich

That’s why it’s so important to GET. OUT. OF. BED.

We can’t sit there stagnant. The only competition that we should ever take seriously is the person in the mirror. What did we do yesterday? And today?


If not… you can’t live it over. You don’t get to try again. You can’t do anything! It’s done!!

Determine what winning means to you.

Then quit telling yourself that just because you’re a winner in someone else’s eyes that makes you a winner!!!!

Did you hear that part?

This is important and I need to remind myself OFTEN.

Other people cannot determine whether or not we are winners.

There are winners making $30,000 a year and losers that are millionaires.

The millionaire cannot make the person earning $30,000 a loser.

We need to look at ourselves in the mirror and DECIDE how we are going to assess our lives.

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