Looking at the Things I do to Become the Best I Can

Time management is something that is often difficult for many.

Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, and many others have said that their keys to the success they experienced were not the opportunities that they experienced. Rather, it was the ability to say no to just about everything that propelled them to where they are.

Oftentimes, we desire to appease others and do things for them that we would not do alone.

But, those types of things exhaust us and wear us out.

It’s essential that we know where our energy comes from.

I gain energy from music, learning, and creating.

Most times, those are solo activities for me.

I don’t read books with others much, I do that on my own time.

These writing pieces are typically written at my home desk.

I listen to music often at my desk also while creating or while driving at times.

It’s just about knowing who we are and understanding the way that God has created us.

Some people love and are energized from sharing in conversations with people at parties or gatherings. But for me, I could go without that sort of thing, I’d go for a little bit but that’s about it.

My cousin got married in Chicago this past weekend.

I loved the wedding. It took place at a beautiful church in downtown Chicago.

After that, we all headed to happy hour and then the following reception at a local hotel.

That was nice too but by the time the dinner came, it was nearly 10:00 (11:00 EST).

I had arrived in the morning after leaving my house in Florida at 6:00 am to fly there.

Needless to say, I was tired. People started dancing but not me. I saw almost everyone on the dancefloor but not me.

I was more than happy and content enjoying the music at my table and writing book articles and looking at work opportunities. That gave me some of my energy back.

I am not like my cousin’s bride who desired to dance the night away in the middle of everyone. I was completely content spending my time watching everyone else dance and enjoy their time.

But, I had to say no about 10 times.

“Harrison come dance!”
“Harrison do you want to dance with us?”
“Harrison you should go dancing a little bit.”

But, no thank you, I’m good. I’m more than happy refreshing and recharging by my lonesome — though some conversation would not have been bad at that point.

Do you know where your energy comes from and how well you are managing it?

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