Love’s Trip by Resmond Richardson

2020, book 34: “Follow your own path with belief in every step while creating your destination you will reach! Stop looking at the person in front of you and be the person in you.” — Resmond Richardson

Finished on May 24, 2020

I remember connecting with Resmond on Instagram a few years ago. We’ve shared a few conversations and some common interests surrounding growth and learning and writing. This was an excellent collection and one that I enjoyed thoroughly.

Love changes us. We become better. We grow and we struggle but more than anything, we triumph.

Pg. 16, “The Gentle Walk”

…Love moves me

into something I’m not

yet opens me up

to become who I am.

How many times have we experienced this? We meet people, we spend time, we feel things, and then we realize that all we felt and all we wished for was just that — a wish.

Pg. 20, “One Day”

The one day we met was strange,

My eyes tied up in your purpose

Made it easy for me to want change,

My heart finally floated to the surface.

What was going through your mind?

I wanted answers that fit my quest.

The way you looked back froze time

Together I knew we could bring out the best.

Too bad I will never know the real you

That day replays in my head over and over.

Maybe one day I will breakthrough

My fearful acts conquer that closure.

I will do what I need to do.

We need to remember what we go through, at the end of it all, there is only going to be us. We might have people that we love, people that we trust, but everyone leaves — we’re always stuck with ourselves. No matter what we feel, it’s important that we can remember who we are and remember our identity.

Pg. 35, Listen to my heart

I know you hear the pain

Feel the rhythm

I know the pace insane

The day she left

I knew she was gone forever

The day I left

An end was likely for the better

I was in way too deep

Way too deep I can’t sleep

I was in way too deep

Way too deep so deep

I will keep my head high

What happens when we hit the bottom? Sometimes we look in the mirror and think that we are the worst people in the world, that we wouldn’t be missed if we left the earth. But, we all have value and even when it seems people don’t hear us or see us, and even when it seems that all we do is ruin the things that we touch, God still has a purpose for us.

Pg. 40, “Guilty”

The muted bark in the night was unheard

A chain around my neck to keep silent

Everything I touch turns into dust

I’m a monster that need to be kept away

Water begin to pour down on my head

To wash the filth of disaster off me

Which causes me to be seen in a divergent light only to apologize.

Everyone is going to define success differently and thereby look at our life differently. What we think about our life is going to be different than someone else. Who’s right? Let’s be real, how can anyone know the purpose God has for your life better than you can? When the trials and tribulations come, we know where to go — right to God.

Pg. 64, “Views”

The tide is rising fast so is my life

And I wonder would it slow down?

No one ever sees the art of process,

But will hear the voice with no sound.

I am who I am; I been through it all.

Too many times I do what’s right,

But is right my purpose or society’s?

I am the sun as I rise for a tranquil sight.

Who are you? Why are you on earth? Most people never answer these questions.

“If you seek answers you won’t find them, but if you seek God, the answers will find you.” — Mark Batterson

Pg. 97, “Everyone doesn’t recognize what they truly are until it’s too late. Everyone wants to be the gorgeous plant and not themselves. Nobody wants brown leaves.” Masin said with a despaired voice.

God implanted something into us when we were created. Whenever we feel we are going off the path, we mustn’t stress but return to His Word with haste. It’s there that we can regain our center and maintain the foundation that He has always desired for us.

Pg. 98, Follow your own path with belief in every step while creating your destination you will reach! Stop looking at the person in front of you and be the person in you. Run your own race and continue to develop in the person you knew you could become. Live life to the fullest and don’t regret just surviving.

Such a hard truth to swallow. There are people who I’ve loved so so dearly in life that I’ve had to ultimately distance myself from because of this. We can’t change people and if they aren’t on the same page as us, we might have to step back and step away.

Pg. 132, Why put all my efforts into something or someone to see it fail me over and over. That pain soak in the heart is hard to remove every atom. I can never make a person change. That change comes from that person only. No matter how hard I try. I don’t like the word try because it’s either you did or didn’t. In this case you can’t.

I love reading works from friends of mine and this book was no exception. A great compilation of poetry and art. It was beautiful from beginning to end.

I gave this book a 3/5

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