My Favorite Childhood Game

I loved a few games as a child, Monopoly, of course, became one of my early favorites — though I probably love and enjoy that game more now than ever before.

Another favorite was this typing game that I used to play on the computer. The character was a rock climber I believe and the mission and purpose of the game was to type the words on the rock so that he could climb up. I think that there were other aspects also.

One reason that this was my favorite is just hindsight. My favorite middle school class may very well have been the typing class I took in 7th grade as a 12-year-old. Now, I type fast, I type well, and I type A LOT.

I love competing and the ability to compete with myself and previous time trials made the game that much more fun for me.

The typing game allowed me to continue to grow and become better and better.

This was the same reason that I loved games like chess and Scrabble or Boggle.

I was able to challenge myself intellectually and continue to grow. All of those games are ones that I continue to play and love. I like the challenge. A few years ago my university had a Scrabble competition and offered $50 to the winner.

I thought it might be fun so I went and won the tournament; it was fun.

Monopoly, though, is always my favorite. I have a monopoly game, I created my own monopoly game, and I have a few mobile apps.

Once I understood this game, it became the best.

I love the negotiation aspects, the business aspects, and the effective management that is necessary to win.

This game is fun with other people but usually, I do win this too. I would say I win almost half of the time, which isn’t bad in my eyes considering I usually play with 3 or 4 people.

I love being able to make trades. I help other people, I rarely have the first monopoly (all the properties of one color on the board). That’s just my strategy, and I like to help others, at least in the beginning while we are all still friends in the game.

Thinking back to all of the games that I used to play and continue to play, they all had great competition and brought me joy that way.

Everyone plays games for different reasons. My sister used to love games like Pictionary, I preferred games like chess.

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