My Napoleon Hill Master Mind Group

As Napoleon Hill shared in his book “Think and Grow Rich” Master Mind groups are super super valuable.

I decided it’s time I take action and create one for myself.

My first member is, of course, God. But, I already have a relationship with Him and He is present within my life so that will be the difference with the others.

The majority of the people I would like to include are deceased. The reason there is that much more studying of their lives has been done.

He wrote, “Henry Ford whipped poverty, illiteracy, and ignorance by allying himself with great minds, whose vibrations of thought he absorbed into his own mind. Through his association with Edison, Burbank, Burroughs, and Firestone, Mr. Ford added to his own brain power the sum and substance of the intelligence, experience, knowledge, and spiritual forces of these four men. Moreover, he appropriated and made use of the Master Mind Principle through the methods of procedure described in this book.

Napoleon Hill explains that power is “organized knowledge”

He shared that there are three sources of knowledge:

1. Infinite Intelligence — God
2. Accumulated experience
3. Experiment and research

He writes, “The Master Mind may be defined as ‘coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.’”

Next, he went into detail on the two benefits, the first is an economic advantage as we are surrounding ourselves with advice, counsel, and personal cooperation of a group of people willing to lend wholehearted aid in a spirit of perfect harmony. The second advantage is a psychic phase and a little more difficult to comprehend, he wrote, “No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.”

With all of these things in mind, the basis of the Master Mind, the goals and intents of the Master Mind, and the desired outcome, below I shared the figures I have in my recently created group.

Here is my Master Mind group:

Me and God are at the heads of the table. We already have a personal relationship so I would love to be across from him. He is all-knowing and is the One in charge of my destiny; He also gave us all free will of our earthly lives.

I’ve got 6 people on each side of the table then.

Noah from the book of Genesis in the Bible
Joshua from the book of Joshua in the Bible
Sarah from the book of Genesis in the Bible
King Solomon
Paul (previously Saul)
Mother Teresa
Warren Buffett
Bill Gates
Steve Jobs
Ronald Reagan
Henry Ford
Niccoló Machiavelli

This might be a strange-looking 12.

I want some of the historical wisdom that God bestowed upon people who faithfully worked for Him throughout the Bible. People who had to experience great tribulations and difficult experiences like Noah — when God flooded the earth, Sarah — when she gave birth at about 100 years old, and Paul — when God told him that he needed to stop persecuting Christians.

Mother Teresa is one of the most influential people not named Jesus in all of history along with Gandhi so she is going to be incredibly valuable. Her levels of empathy, kindness, love, and humility are unparalleled.

People like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates know how to delay gratification and work relentlessly for years and years and years. Steve Jobs was also a master at that but was a visionary at a level not many others have ever shown.

Former President Reagan and Henry Ford were two Christian men who influenced others and held true to their values through everything, I can learn from them much more than I have through their biographies.

Finally, Machiavelli. He worked with some of the greatest powers and observed kings and queens up close. I want to learn more about what happens to people once they gain power and how that affects people around them.

A few people I thought about including but haven’t yet are Steve Harvey, Daymond John, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Andy Frisella, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Will Smith, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Barack Obama, Jay-Z, Denzel Washington, Beyoncé, Serena Williams, and Michelle Obama.

Perhaps in the future, as I spend time with this group in my mind and learn from them, I will add more people. Yet, I believe 12 is a good number to begin with. That means if I spend an hour with this group, each person gets about 5 minutes of discussion time.

Overall, I haven’t tried this before but I wanted to make a public commitment to it when I was ready to start. I’m ready to start, we will see how the progress takes place and what happens as a result. I’m expecting growth, change, and increased intelligence.

When I conduct these mastermind groups, I will develop agendas, goals, and desired outcomes for each discussion.

Have you created a Master Mind group?

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