Prepare for Harvest

Harvest is coming, you reap what you sow

Brent was 7 when he learned to write. But then, he couldn’t stop writing. He loved writing all types of things.

But, he loved poetry more than anything else.

His mother Rhonda did all she could for him, but he desired more. As the only child of a single mother, things weren’t always easy for the two of them.

Lucky for Brent, by the time he turned 10, things were about to change, he just didn’t know it yet.

He wrote more than 900 poems in those 3 three years. Rhonda had gotten him binoculars. He wasn’t always able to go, but he always wanted to be part of the poetry night each Tuesday at the library.

When he couldn’t go because his mother was working, he would watch from his bedroom and practice reading his poems to the audience.

One week his mother was working but their neighbor, Ray, offered to go with Brent.

They got there and Brent showed his neighbor the usual spot, the back corner with a clear view of the stage.

Ray didn’t realize it until now but Brent had three notebooks with him. He asked, “Well, what are those for son?”

“Oh, I just write down all the poems I can while I’m here,” he replied.

“Every single one?” He asked, “for what?”

Brent laughed and answered, “Oh just to learn! Yay! It’s about to start now!”

The first poem struck a nerve with Ray. The message was about lifting up the next generation and providing for them.

That was all Ray could think about for the next week. So when Tuesday rolled around again and Rhonda was once again working, Ray told Brent they could go together again.

When Brent sat down Ray had to ask him. He said, “Hey Brent… can I see the poems from last week?”

He was surprised, “The poems? From last week? For what? And which one? They’re all in different notebooks.”

Ray answered him quietly, “The poem about helping the younger generation please.”

After sharing that, Ray felt an urge to leave. But he had to take Brent with him. So back they went. Ray apologized profusely to Brent and helped him get set up at home. Brent quickly returned to the use of his binoculars even though he couldn’t hear anything at the library.

Ray had to reflect. His dog Benny beside him, he fell asleep.

When he woke up, he ran to work because it was Wednesday. Today was different for him though. There was a different energy today.

Then something caught his eye. He knew the man who was approaching him but he could not place where they met.

All of a sudden, right as he reached Ray, he remembered. He’s from the library.

“Hey! I know you. You’re from the library! You know, I have a neighbor of mine who just adores the poetry nights,” Ray exclaimed.

The man chuckled, “Yes, that’s me.”

Ray asked hesitantly, “Well, do you think I could introduce you to him? He’s been either attending the poetry nights or watching from his house with binoculars.”

“That would be wonderful, does he write?” the man asked.

Slow to answer, Ray looked around before saying, “Actually I’m really not sure.”

“How’s this, if he does, introduce me to him next Tuesday, my name is Bruce by the way,” the man said before leaving.

We don’t know what happened with Brent. But, we do know that those 3 years of preparing for harvest allowed him to meet Bruce at one of the upcoming poetry nights.

I would like to believe that Brent then shared some of his written poetry and while he sowed the seed of poetry by writing over 900 poems, he watered that seed by attending poetry night each Tuesday, fertilized the seed by talking to Ray, and finally, harvested that seed by the introduction that was made with Bruce.

What are you doing today to prepare for harvest?

Or, worded differently, what are you doing today to prepare for the attainment of your goals?

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