Productive Productivity — My Week in Review

This might be one of my most productive weeks to date — ever.

The surprising thing is, at least to me, that I still don’t technically have a job.

I mean… I published 10 articles from last Thursday through this Thursday, 8 days.

I took and completed an online midterm, a paper, presentation, and the bulk of a project for another MBA class.

Along with those things, I made it to the gym 4 times in those 8 days also.

I finished an audiobook and 2 print books, though I had already begun them previously.

Finally, I followed up with some potential job opportunities, had a call with a mentor, an interview, and a career fair I attended.

The thing is, we could all do this.

What’s the priority?

My priority was growing myself.

Did I upset some people in the process? Probably. People probably wanted more of my time. But that’s okay, I wanted more of my time too.

While I wish I had a job right now, I have multiple lines in the water and even though some fish are biting, I haven’t reeled in the best one yet — I know that it’s coming and I’m ready.

I know that I can continue improving and getting better at what matters most to me. As I wrote about on Tuesday, it’s essential that we are able to decipher movement towards our goals from movement away from them.

The best way that I believe we can do that is to use a compass — God’s compass — without it, we may be working in haste without purpose.

I think that we can only be deemed productive when we know that we are doing things that contribute to our God-given goals and purposes.

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