Relevance is Irrelevant.

I really enjoy following the NFL.

It doesn’t really benefit me in any way, it’s just kind of fun.

There are news headlines that I see from the NFL and I almost always find myself interested in what’s going on.

However, if I’m receiving no benefit… why am I even paying attention?

For fun?

I’m confident I could attain fun from things that are actually benefiting me and making me a better person also.

So really… the NFL is irrelevant to much of what I do in my life.

If I just stopped watching games and stopped following NFL news, nothing would really happen.

Sure some people around me might be talking about the games and I wouldn’t have anything to say in response, is that it?

Not really so bad then huh?

Interesting but irrelevant.

I know a handful of people that have stopped reading the news or following main events that are broadcasted nationally and internationally.

Some say that they are much happier.

Some say that if they really need to know about certain events, their peers will tell them.

That’s a good point.

Studies have shown that people often overestimate their control of things in life.

Along with that, I would say that people often overestimate the impact events have on them also.

While I do share some of the things that I read about in books and some of the things that I learn from conversations with others, I realize that there isn’t a whole lot of relevance or importance.

Many people may not care about much of what I write nor are they impacted by it — and that’s fine.

I don’t write to be relevant — I write about things I find to be relevant.

At a conference in Miami in 2018, I heard Grant Cardone say that we should post as if no one will ever see it.

I kind of took that to heart and sought to overcome true perfectionism since that point.

I write these pieces and no longer review them or even read them, once they’re finished I get them prepped and post them straight away in most situations.

No, my writing is not perfect and it is not intended to be.

“You cannot overestimate the unimportance of practically everything.” — John Maxwell

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