Shaken by Tim Tebow

2020, book #27: “It’s easier to hold onto the bad stuff, control it in some way and keep God out of the picture in some way.” — Tim Tebow

Finished on April 29, 2020

A book that I learned a lot from and a book that increased the respect that I hold for Tim Tebow. I know people were huge fans of his during his college days and even in the pros. While I thought of him as a good football player, I’ve never followed college football enough to get excited about him nor did I closely follow his pro career. This book was able to connect some dots for me and build out the perspective I have of him.

When we look at the people in our lives, we need to remain close to the people who can honestly share things with us. Sure, there are going to be things that we don’t like and maybe don’t want to hear. But really? We need to remember that as Oscar Wilde says, “True friends stab you in the front.” I’d rather someone told me the truth straight up and honestly than hearing it from murmurs behind my back.
Criticism hurts. Tim emphasizes that it’s important to listen and we will need to hear things we may not like. Not from those who may provide criticism by browsing through our Instagram or talking heads but from those who know us best like a spouse, a parent, a coach, a pastor. If a trusted friend or mentor advises you not to do something that may harm you down the road, your best bet is to listen without taking offense.

Hard truths can sting but it’s better to deal with a bruised ego than a lifetime of regret. Besides, those who know us best may see our circumstances with more clarity than we do, we all need help with our blind spots.

When people close to us challenge something we say or do it’s important to understand their character. Ask yourself, are they coming from a place of sincerity and love? Are they saying something that will benefit themselves in some way or are they truly looking out for my best interests?

This was something I admired. It’s turning to people who we know are centered. It’s people that we know we can trust and rely on. People who will echo and reinforce the perspective and value system that we always strive to uphold.

After Tebow was released from the Eagles he quickly arranged a “circle of trust” conference call. His loved ones offered support and encouragement and while Tim wasn’t happy, he forced himself into a state of peace and contentment. God is in CONTROL.

This is a question that we will all likely struggle with at some point in our life. What’s most important? God. Without God, Tim emphasizes that evil wins. Can you imagine a world where evil actually wins? Sure, it’s prevalent in this world but where it wins? I cannot even comprehend that nor imagine it. I’m grateful every single day that we don’t have to find that out yet. This world still has hope.

Why do bad things happen to us? We are broken people living in a fallen world. Because of our sinful nature and free will, suffering exists. Without God, Tim emphasizes that evil wins. Because we have God, justice will be served. God is ALIVE. And, God does and allows everything for a purpose.

It’s always easier to do wrong than it is to do right — the devil is allowed to roam over the earth. That means that sin will be enticing, evil attractive, and self-glorification seductive. Relying on God day in and day out is always going to be the best option and the best way to live — even when it’s hard and even when we experience failure.

It’s easier to hold onto the bad stuff, control it in some way and keep God out of the picture in some way. But when we do, we are the ones who suffer. Trust God. Bitterness and trust cannot coexist but decide to trust.

Do you have a group like this? I have some people that I can always go to for sound mentorship and guidance. Now, after going to them so many times and on so many occasions, I often anticipate what they will say before they even say a word. To me, that means that I’m fairly aligned — or at least aware — of their foundational guidings.

A circle of trust can be just 2 or 3 people that you can trust and count on to pray for you, listen with you on big decisions, and offer you sound advice. These are the people that will remind you to dig deep with God and tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear.

Love this. It’s one thing for me to think I want to be the best powerlifter in the world but it’s another entirely for me to look myself in the mirror and remind myself that I’ve always been the tall lanky kid. My ceiling in that area is going to be quite different from someone else’s.

It’s okay to want to be the best but it is more important to want to be YOUR best.

Have you ever taken the time to ponder this? There are reverberations and ripples that we may never feel nor ever see in our lifetimes. Only our omniscient God can know exactly what the actions that we partake in today will lead to in the future and in the generations to come. Only God.

“There is so much more to our existence than what we can see. What we do reverberates through the heavens and into eternity.” — Francis Chan

This book was recommended to me by my good friend Gaston Murray. I loved learning about the obstacles that were overcome and the centering that needed to be done throughout Tim’s time leading up to professional football and during. It’s all about God and it’s all for God. Without our Creator, we would not be on this earth. I always appreciate learning from the people ahead of me. Tim has lived things that I have not but can certainly benefit from. This book was a great expansion of my horizons.

I gave this book a 3.5/5

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