Surrounded by people around me

I love surrounding myself with people who are aware of not only themselves but also of me.

They might provide insight about who I am that I am unaware of.

Someone recently said, “Wow, just back to business huh? I know you, you’re all business now, it’s like your whole mood just changed.”

And I sat there and thought and reflected for a few days and was like, wow that person was so right.

I really do that.

That’s why certain relationships in my life have not worked out, I always do research and strive to understand more and more and more not only about myself but also about others and everything that I am involved in.

I started my new role at a company down in Boca Raton, FL and the hours are 8:45–5:45.

Well, I have my MBA classes Monday and Tuesday at 6:00 so I leave at 4:45 for them.

I’m there usually between 8:30–9:00 depending on the day and the traffic.

At the end of the day, however, I try to stay late.

I usually leave at 6:00.

But there’s a reason behind that.

I see what the top people in the company do — they’re the top for a reason.

Our CEO is there all the time. Even when he’s not there, he’s still there.

But at 6:00 when I’ve been working, he’s usually come around and said something like, “We’re closing up, let’s go, you can finish that tomorrow.”

Tonight he left early so I actually got to leave later and stayed until 6:15. That was nice.

On Fridays people only work until 5:00 but I really want to work until like 6:30 or 7:00 even.

I’ve got work to do and I want to advance and progress and become the best possible version of myself.

I’m usually very very aware of who I am and who I am becoming, I know.

But sometimes, people around me tell me things that I don’t know.

It’s probably 1 out of 45–50 people.

So 2%.

2% of people that I encounter are able to reveal things about myself that I was not yet aware of, it’s rare.

But, when I recognize and am able to identify these people, you best believe that I am taking them seriously and prioritizing their access to me in ways that most people don’t have access to.

I want to be vulnerable with these people, I want to share my true self so I can know myself deeper and know more of who God has created me to become.

And for the other 98% of people?

They’re not all bad. Maybe 50% of people are neutral in this level and will simply support who you are or reinforce who you are at present day (too many of these people leads to continued stagnation).

And for the other 48%? Usually they’re the negative ones. They will try to keep you where you are so that they can stay where they are without feeling uncomfortable! Don’t give in!

Find the people who make up the 2% and hold tightly onto them. Give them your energy, your focus, and your time. MULTIPLY THEM.

“There will ALWAYS be people in the world trying to light the flame of DRAMA in your life. If you just simply separate yourself from those people and those situations, their flame has nothing to burn and it just extinguishes.” — Brian Hess

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