The Essential Eats

Your top speed is going to be MUCH slower if you don’t use the right fuel and are weighed down by extensive baggage.

I’ve been called names such as the bottomless pit.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been semi-aware of the foods that I’m eating and what they’re composed of nutrient wise. But, I know that I haven’t been as consistent as I’d like to be nor consuming as much as I want to be.

A few years ago I was using a meal-prep service which was awesome. But I was overzealous and $160/week wasn’t sustainable. At that point in time I was working out regularly and those meals gave me more energy and a greater sense of “fullness” than just about anything else.

I’ve tried meal prepping but didn’t love it — and I don’t like spending a lot of time in the kitchen (I spend enough time eating).

Now I’ve developed a much more consistent diet (after all, that is a core part of 75Hard).

Beginning the Day

I have a protein drink right away.

Then I do my morning routine and add in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I have a banana before the gym or my morning workout.

After the workout I have another banana, a yogurt, and a protein drink.

I put myself over 1,500 calories before 8am most mornings. I want to be sure that I’m preparing myself for a day of success and hard work.

Many people don’t even eat that much for an entire day.

We are all built differently.

My intentions are to eat cleaner but I’m already spending upwards of $400/month on groceries right now for a few reasons.

One: I don’t love to cook so most of my food is semi-prepared and quick.

Two: It’s easier to understand exactly what it is I’m eating if there are fewer items at play (thereby I can scan barcodes and not enter individual ingredients).

On a typical day, I’m at 4,500 calories for the entire day and I eat every hour or two.

For lunch and dinner, I have pasta or quinoa, a fruit and/or vegetable, and some protein — usually chicken breast or chicken sausage. The repetition doesn’t bother me too much, I care more about getting full and not being hungry all the time.

The main focus for me is twofold — and this is why it’s all about the essential eats:

1. Fueling my body with clean and healthful foods.
2. Ensuring I have adequate energy for all parts of the day.

Fueling the machine

Everyone has different goals and intentions. There are a few things that I strive to make central to my lifestyle.

Healthy eating is one as highlighted above.

Early bedtime is another — natural HGH production drops off after 10pm.

Hydration is a priority and I’m always drinking 4–5 liters a day.

It’s just like a car.

Your top speed is going to be MUCH slower if you don’t use the right fuel and are weighed down by extensive baggage.

My focus is to remain stress-free and content within every moment and throughout every day.

There are many many things that I have eliminated from my life which have contributed to a better quality of health and overall living.

“We must build a table each day and there are really four legs to our life: spiritual, relational, health, and professional. From the outside, we can think others have it all, but each of us needs all four legs.” — Scott Auker

Here are a few:

1. Excessive sugar and sweets (I rarely eat dessert now, maybe once a month)
2. Dairy (I don’t drink milk anymore and strive to only have one meal with cheese or a large dairy)
3. Stress (It’s not a word I use to describe my feelings)
4. Anger (Also not a word I use to describe my feelings)
5. Alcohol (I haven’t had a drink in over 2 years and only sometimes miss the social aspect… but the US is nothing like Europe)
6. Video games (I used to play a TON but now since moving to Boca 4 months ago I’ve gotten rid of my Xbox and haven’t played once)
7. Movie watching (I like movies, nothing wrong with them and my roommate loves them so he watches regularly, it’s just not my thing. I’ll watch maybe a movie a month now)

That’s just what has worked well for me for a number of reasons.

I like the peace and the flexibility that I’ve gained from not having those things part of my persona of life anymore.

What’s most important to you?
What are the things that are “fueling” your body that shouldn’t be?
What are the essential eats?
“The world wants to assign you a role. The minute you accept that role? You’re doomed.” — Robert Greene

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