Time is Money?

There’s a saying, “time is money.” Well, yes and no. Time is money when you exchange time for money.

If you can create time, if you can buy time, if you can manufacture time, that’s the key to a really really successful person.

One way that I create time is using voice memos and pouring out my thoughts rather than trying to organize them. This way I can come back to my content when I am actually ready to write and can write more efficiently.

I also order my groceries online about 90% of the time because I don’t enjoy grocery shopping or get value from it. Grocery shopping can take 5–15 minutes of driving each way. In the store plus checking out is at least 30–50 minutes. That’s 40 minutes at least.

If I take only 10 minutes to order my groceries online, that’s at last 30 minutes of unallocated time. I don’t think people really consider the long-term trade off and benefit.

Sure, it might cost me a little more today but when considering the compound effect and I can spend 30–60 minutes working on my future, I am more than happy to spend an additional $10.

When we think about the aspirations that we have, if we are working in a way that is God-honoring and is going to support our future, what do we have to worry about? Nothing right? Nothing.

As long as we’re responsible and honest, we have nothing to worry about.

I’m not worried about the $10–15 extra that I spend on getting my groceries delivered.

I’m much more concerned with the 30–50 minutes that I would spend in the store and not get value from.

For me, the same thing goes for cooking, but that’s a whole other story.

We HAVE to create time, one of the easiest ways to create time is with money. The end.

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