Who Do You Trust?

Trust your gut?

Do we truly follow our intuition? If not, why?

I saw something on Instagram a few days ago from Randall Pich.

He posted something that said, “Trust your gut, not your friends.”

In the caption of that picture he went on to explain how nobody knows our goals as well as we do and while they may care for us, we need to trust ourselves most.

It complemented something I saw from Gary Vaynerchuk also. He posted on Instagram as well about judgment.

He shared one of the reasons he is “immune” or doesn’t care about the thoughts that people have of him, whether good or bad.

The main thing he said was that people don’t know the true Gary. So, they’re just judging him that way because they’re ultimately misinformed or not fully informed.

And I realized, wow. How true is that? So so true.

Because, when you think about, who creates your goals? You do.

Well… I believe that God implants them within us, but still, they come from within us and nobody else knows unless we decide to tell them.

So, how can we trust what other people say about us?

They probably just don’t know.

People think you’re crazy that I stopped watching most movies and shows, don’t they?

That’s not part of the vision. Not part of MY vision.

There’s a big difference between the vision for yourself and the vision that others have for you.

YOU create your vision.

People either support that vision or hold you back and try to support their vision for you.

Everyone’s purpose, success, vision, they’re all different. But, each thing that we do in life requires work. Otherwise, are we truly living our full potential? I don’t have the skillset or gifts to be a great surgeon, but other people do. I don’t have the skillset or gifts to be a comedian, but other people do. I don’t have the skillset or gifts to teach elementary education, but other people do.

“Work hard in silence and let your success be the noise.”

That’s a commonly shared quote. It’s true. People will call you crazy, out of your mind, senseless, insane, dare I say more?

You’ve probably heard some of those things said about you.

If you haven’t, let me ask you something, are you fulfilling your vision? Are you truly chasing after your God-given purpose?

If not… what’s holding you back?

Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

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