“You can’t take a moving truck with you.”

‪“What got you here won’t get you there.” ‬

‪Crazy thing is that goes for people too.‬

‪The ones we’ve spent time around and valued and grown with… too often the growth isn’t mutual and doesn’t continue in the same direction.‬

‪That means that too often the people we care so much about aren’t moving us towards our goals and aspirations and dreams but are driving us away — in the direction of theirs.‬

‪The difficult part for me is to remain selfless, it’s not about me.‬

‪What it is about is the mission God has for me and the mission God has for you.‬

I know that everyone is uniquely created and has a divine purpose, that’s my belief, one of the core beliefs for me.‬

‪I also know that we need people around us who are going to support us and push us forward. ‬

‪It’s just hard when the people we value so much cannot be those people. And that’s an issue I believe we will all face at one time or another.‬

‪We cannot make people change or become someone they’re not, but we also can’t make ourselves become someone we are not destined to be.

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