You Do Have Time, But for What?

“I don’t have enough time.”

Time for what?

God told us and continues to tell us that with Him we can do all things.

So we have 168 hours each and every week, how much more time do you need?!?!?!

Honestly though….

Do you not think that if we needed more time, God would provide it?

I love the parable of the 3 servants in the Bible. Jesus shared that the first servant was entrusted with 5 coins (each the value of 3 month’s pay), the second with 3, and the third with 1. After the master went on a trip for a long period of time, he returned to see how well his servants cared for what they were entrusted with.

What does God entrust you with?

First things first, we are all entrusted with a body. Are you taking care of yours?

Okay, then what next? Well, we were all born and taken care of by somebody. Regardless of whether it was an adopted parent, a distant relative, a neighbor, a community, etc., we were all taken care of by somebody. How is that relationship?

What’s next? This could be different.

Yet, at the beginning of the week, we are all entrusted with 1 week, 7 days, 168 hours, 10080 minutes. What are we doing with each minute? Each one is a blessing. Each one is something that we are trusted with.

I believe that we must first show that we are worthy of trust over the time in our lives before God can bless us with anything else.

Warren Buffett, amongst others, says that the key to being successful is saying no to just about everything. So what really matters to you? And why?

When I think about my life, and as I now just began to read Earlie James’ book, The Genius Plan, I am reminded that God had a vision for each of our lives before we were born.

Searching within ourselves isn’t really the best way to determine how to spend our time. We were all born with sin; our perspectives can easily be clouded by sin because sin is within us and around us.

We are all sinful. But, God is merciful and gives us opportunities to become who we were created to be.

So I really challenge you, think about why you are actually doing certain things in your life and in your week.

Often, I think about the things that I do each week and I gauge a “good week” based on productivity. What can I say? I love to build.

That’s what matters to me, I like to be the Energizer bunny, always going. I like to move and build and grow.

Then… there are people like Santa who seem to relax 364 days and work 1 day a year. Some people live that lifestyle and enjoy it, cheers to them — but that’s not me.

I love the idea of 100 hour work weeks, that’s awesome, but it’s also not for everyone. We were all created by God for a divine purpose. Lately, people have been talking a lot about looking within ourselves to find what we are destined to do and designed for, however, we need to look to our Creator rather than ourselves

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