“You’re Crazy”

only time is the same for everyone
“That’s crazy.”

How often has someone said that to you about something that you have done?

Well for me, it has been fairly often, and I am sure that if you truly reflect and consider that, many people have said similar things to you over time. Whether it is the amount of sleep that you get, the time you spend reading, the amount of exercise that you partake in, or the hours that you work, there are always going to be people that think what you are doing is crazy.

As a college student, many people talk about studying. Studying just all the time. I have two roommates currently, one is Richard and the other is Kashif.

Kashif, finishing up his undergrad in May of 2019 before attending law school, loves his leisure time spent playing Xbox. Well, I have one also and he finds it somewhat crazy that in the past 4 months, I really haven’t spent more than a few hours playing any games. This is the first area that is generally easy to see, people think differently about leisure and entertainment.

For me, it is relaxing to read and be productive in that way. For Kashif, it is relaxing to play a game or two on Xbox.

My second roommate thinks the amount of time that I spend studying is crazy. He is a first-year pharmacy student and took 7 courses during his first semester. His daily routine typically involved class, work, the gym, and then hours of studying. He thinks it is crazy that I have not spent more than 2 hours studying for one exam this entire semester.

“Do you ever study?”

Kashif believes something along the lines of the idea that life is meant to be enjoyed so everything that he does will be enjoyable to the highest degree. Richard believes that students should study and give their 100% to their grades.

My thinking is this, enjoy everything that I do no matter what and practice a perspective that allows me to do so. As a student, my perspective is that I should spend my time most effectively. Whether that is studying or working or relaxing, that is what I like to do, be productive in all aspects, always growing, always pushing forward.

“I like to continuously and constantly work and improve and grow, always.”

It has been an adjustment for me to truly accept that. That I love being productive and that often times I would rather say no to a social activity and stay home and work. It has also been difficult understanding that not everyone wants to work as hard as I desire to. But, that’s the beauty of the way we were all created. Everyone has a unique mind and a unique perception of events.

everyone perceives things differently

The two areas that jump out to me are work and leisure. These were just two small examples of where these various perceptions have been noticeable in my personal life. I am certain that if you pay attention, you will see the differences in the way you think compared to the way that others think. Overall, there are many different reasons people think the way that they do and thus perceive life experiences a particular way, yet, recognizing that and understanding that we all think in a unique way is key when building relationships, and just living life in general.

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