Your Vision is More Than What You See

We do not always see everything
“Behind every great man is an even greater woman”

That could be true. That could be something that is seen often, but all the time?

Everyone should have a vision for their lives. There should be something or even more than one thing that every individual on the planet is chasing after and pursuing.

Most of the time, people accomplish their life visions with a partner. Whether a partner that you see or one that you do not see, there is almost always a partner.

What vision have you created in life?

How do you seek to accomplish it?

What needs to happen for you to accomplish and fulfill the vision that you have?

Most of the most successful people have partners. There are three reasons that I would attribute to this.

Accountability is a huge thing.
Trust is a huge thing.
Understanding is a huge thing.

Partners provide things that we cannot give to ourselves. Keeping ourselves accountable is one thing, but I have yet to encounter one person who is aware of each and every action that they partake in and its effect on others. It is easy to trust yourself at times, but it is not always that way, having someone who can express their trust in you no matter what is so beneficial. Understanding, also, is not always going to be present, but, one person should provide that to you.

I’m going to take today to dive into what I think is important and valuable when looking at life vision and purpose. Then, on Tuesday I will look into quantifying dreams and making it more actionable (as I am currently seeking to do in my own life) and Thursday, I will post about our full potential.

Accountability is a big part of our vision.

We need not travel alone

Often, we know the destination that decisions will lead us to so we should be careful which road we turn onto.

What is so important to the process of vision is accountability.

We all need someone who will support us when we are making good decisions and also call us out or hold us accountable if we do something that does not align with the path to our vision.

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power” — Lao Tzu

I think that it is so important to have an outside perspective through everything that we do.

Trust matters.

What happens when you make a mistake and everyone counts you out?

You hope that there is someone who will always support you, no matter what decision you make.

There needs to be someone who will call you up to the person that you are. Being a person of integrity is the most important piece of trust. Without maintaining integrity, how is trust possible?

Someone must call you up to your highest potential, who is that person?

What I have learned is that I must learn to be myself and I must learn to embrace myself. Being consistently who I am is one of the essential parts of vision.

I wrote last week about managing time, money, and energy and the week before that about strengths.

But, beyond that, it is essential that we embrace those aspects of us and honestly consider them as we seek to understand what our vision for life is to be.


‪Never expect anyone to take your seriously if you can’t even look at yourself for real.‬

Do you truly understand yourself?

You must.

You must understand yourself to truly understand the vision for your life. Without understanding who you are, you will not be able to understand what your vision should be.

There needs to be someone that you can count on and rely on. I know how valuable it is to have someone you can share your vision with.

They won’t think that you are crazy. They won’t say that you are too far out there. They won’t tell you that you should be more realistic.

This person will seek to understand and listen to what you have to say and truly understand.

Change requires time. Change requires effort. Change requires focus.

So does growth.

To achieve your vision and do the things that you desire to do, you need time, effort, and focus.

Beyond that, you need someone to hold you accountable, to trust you and help you always trust yourself, and to understand you when you feel no one else does.

“No matter what your past has been, you have a spotless future”

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